About Us

Valerie Aloisio valerie@hemplifestylenetwork.com

Starting her career in the corporate world, Valerie decided nearly 20 years ago that the only way to have work/life balance was to work for her own success and learn the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. She immersed herself into personal development and leadership training and eventually found the industry of network marketing. The independence offered from this career choice of working from home allowed her to have a successful business and be home to spend time with her then two young children. Today, she is an industry leader and proud of her network marketing and consulting profession.

As an entrepreneur, she is extremely excited about the financial potential of the Hemp/CBD  industry and partnering with Kannaway. She understands that “timing is everything in business” and went to work sharing Kannaway’s incredible products and opportunity. Within her first year with Kannaway, she attained the prestigious rank of National Director and sits on the company’s Advisory Council. Just completing her second year with Kannaway, her business has now expanded to Europe, allowing her to realize one of her career goals of having a thriving international business.

Valerie is passionate about pioneering this booming new sector of the health and wellness industry and educating the masses about the potential uses of hemp in our economy.  Through coaching and educating impactful teams, Valerie is able to share her wisdom with others- helping them achieve the same dreams that she has of helping others around the world!

Melissa Temple-Agosta melissa@hemplifestylenetwork.com

Melissa Temple-Agosta did not start her career in cannabis the traditional way after being an executive in the corporate world for over 20 years. She enrolled as a Brand Ambassador with Kannaway 2 years ago after having a profound product experience herself after some life-changing injuries. She started sharing her experiences with others in a blog and eventually, joined Kannaway corporate as a guest blogger. This turned into a year at the corporate office helping with operations, support and human resources, leveraging her former expertise at L’Oreal in international sales and education.

Next, she started one of the first PEO’s (Professional Employer Organization) for the hemp and cannabis industry- helping companies provide support to their employees just like other “traditional” businesses- including HR, staffing, recruiting, on boarding, training, insurance, payroll, 401K and safety. Melissa continues to connect industry leaders together in this space, helping them find the resources they need to be successful and compliant.

Now, she has turned all of this experience into one consulting business that supports all facets of the industry. Melissa has always taken pride in helping others discover the benefits of CBD products and educating them to help others. To her, it doesn’t matter whose team someone is on or where they are positioned in their company. She is open to helping cross- line partners succeed and in turn, helping everyone in the organization succeed, because it benefits us all! We are a force to be reckoned with and the power we have to change lives is getting stronger every day, so she feels it is a key time at the company to experience this with more and more people around the world.